Thursday, December 7, 7:00 AM

Cycle Studio Giesing

Coached by Franzi

Ride45 @ Cycle Studio Giesing

Thursday, December 77:00 AM
Cycle Studio Giesing


Arrival time: 15min before the workout Door closes: 5min before the workout starts RIDE is our signature high-intensity interval ride. Climb heavy hills, sprint through fast flats, jog up-and-down mixed terrains and race against others in the epic ride that uses our heart rate technology and state-of-the-art STAGES bikes. We believe the bike, the beat, the instructor and the group are a unique combination. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier so we can sort out your shoes and give you proper instructions about the bike setup. PLEASE NOTE - We will provide towels and cycling shoes - training without shoes or shirtless is not allowed - pets are not allowed - Photosensitivity Warning: During our classes we use flashes of light that could trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities.

About Your Coach, Franzi

If you want to be happy, start to be. - My way to be happy is movement. Because it moves much more than you can imagine. And I love to move you. Movement and sports are my greatest passion, which I've shared as a trainer since I was 15 years old. I love to dance, flow on my yoga mat and of course sweat on the bike at my ride classes. That's exactly what makes me happy - even more when I can share it. In my ride classes you get a huge dose of power, fire, lots of sweat, good energy and at the end you definitely leave the room with a big smile.


Cycle Studio Giesing

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to a heating issue in the whole house, which is uncotrollable to us, we cannot offer you warm showers at the moment! Get ready for our new cycling studio in Munich. We're bringing the real Berlin industrial vibes to you - join us in our dark room and get ready for a serious ride! We focus on performance - no dancing or push-ups on the bike, get ready for some real hills & sprints! -- Arrival time: 15min before the workout Door close 5min before the workout starts to avoid a delay of the Ride. You can reach our cycle studio by taking metro line U2 or bus till Silberhornstraße. Once you have arrived at Tegernseer Platz, turn right on Silberhornstraße. Keep walking straight towards brewery Giesinger Bräu. At the intersection turn left, go approx. 150 m and you will find us on the left hand sight! Please use the right door to enter our ride studio! Enter the backyard, go up the stairs to the first floor and you'll arrive at our new studio. The Ride Room & our equipment with state of the art technology is ready for you! Our coaches are as-well! Be prepared for the race! Cycling shoes and towels are as usual available for you :) IMPORTANT: BE ON TIME The door of the Ride room closes 5 min before the class starts. We hate to do this, but we can't make any exceptions to make sure the class starts on time IMPORTANT: YOUR FIRST RIDE AT BEAT81 Please be at the gym minimum 15min before the workout starts to get our on-boarding to explain our safety rules and to set up your bike. If you are late, we cannot guarantee you an on-boarding and without it it is impossible to participate. So please make sure to be on time! IMPORTANT: Photosensitivity Warning During our classes we use flashes of light that could trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities. Please note that the women's shower are still under construction. They will be working approximately 2 weeks. If you have any issue reaching the location please call the emergency line at +493083798610. Our emergency line is open: Weekdays: 5:30am - 9:00am. Or you can always reach out to us via BEAT81 app - Chat - Customer Support

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