Abs & Core Online

Monday, August 15, 7:00 AM

Livestream (Online)

Coached by Sebastian

Abs & Core Online @ Livestream (Online)

Monday, August 157:00 AM
Livestream (Online)


NEW: Find your workout link up to 12 hours before the workout on this page (it will show up to everyone who has booked). When it comes to keeping fit at home, Abs Burner will have you crawling to the shower. A 45 minute full body strength workout containing 4 rounds of 5 stations. Each of the 5 stations include 3 exercises focussed on abs, core and cardio. Get ready for 25sec of powerful strength exercises followed by a 20sec abs exercise before 15secs of pure core cardio as the cherry on top. Guaranteed to push you to your limits, you’ll finish full of positive endorphins and feeling great.

About Your Coach, Sebastian

Sebastian has experience as athletic trainer for football and rugby teams, and also as a personal trainer of athletes in other disciplines like tennis and swimming. He's a physical education professor with specific studies in sport science and sport psychology, ready to support you in achieving your personal goals and improving your fitness condition. Join him for challenging workouts that will take out the best of you!


Livestream (Online)

This is how you best prepare your workout area at home: - Make around 3x2 meters space - Have a couch, bed or chair nearby - Fill 2x 1.5l bottles with water as light weights - Prepare a backpack with books as heavy weight

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