Strength & Cardio

Sunday, January 30, 10:00 AM

Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Coached by Nathan

Strength & Cardio @ Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Sunday, January 3010:00 AM
Gräfekiez (Indoor)


STRENGTH & CARDIO will really test your speed and power. Get ready to conquer 3 rounds of 4 stations, each combining a high-speed cardio and a slower strength exercise in quick succession to make you burn fat, build lean muscle and leave with a huge smile =) Each interval is only 23 seconds long - enough time to push your limits! We use shareable Equipment. The equipment is disinfected after each class. HYGIENE RULES: As we want to continue working out safely we recommend to: - Disinfect your hands before and after the class - Use a towel

About Your Coach, Nathan

Nathan has been training in mixed martial arts and self defence for over 15 years and is AQA level 2 personal training and fitness certified. He understands that consistency and hard work is key to accomplishing goals, and never shy’s away from a challenge. Just be consistent in attending his sessions and he’ll ensure you work hard. Get combat fit with Nathan!


Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Located in the heart of XBerg, you will find our studio in a quiet backyard. Just cross the driveway until you reach the second backyard, then keep left. Toilets and changing rooms are available. Please bring a towel, sports shoes and a bottle of water. If you have any issue reaching the location, please call our emergency line: +49 30 83798610 or write us at [email protected] We are open: Weekdays: 5.30 - 9am and 6 - 8pm Weekend: 8am - 1pm

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