HIIT Online

Sunday, January 30, 11:00 AM


Coached by Lauren

HIIT Online @ Home

Sunday, January 3011:00 AM


NEW: Find your workout link up to 12 hours before the workout on this page (it will show up to everyone who has booked). One of our most popular workouts, HIIT is now online. If you weren’t bouncing off the walls of your apartment before, you definitely will be afterwards. Join our coach for a 45 minute workout in the comfort of your own home. But don’t get too cosy. Our 7 different cardio and strength-focused exercises will push you to your limits but see you burn hundreds of calories and build strong, lean muscle. Get ready to kick some self-isolation ass together!

About Your Coach, Lauren

Lauren is a professional fitness coach and dancer based in Berlin and loves moving her body. She believes that fitness should be a celebration of what the body can do and will motivate you to smash your goals.


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