Strength & Cardio Online

Sunday, January 30, 12:00 PM


Coached by Lauren

Strength & Cardio Online @ Home

Sunday, January 3012:00 PM


NEW: Find your workout link up to 12 hours before the workout on this page (it will show up to everyone who has booked). There’s nothing quite like an online STRENGTH & CARDIO session to blast away the cabin fever! Streamed live, join our coach for a 45 minute workout that will really test your strength and cardio. 3 rounds and 4 stations of high-speed exercises guaranteed to challenge your pace and power. Push yourself to your limits but, as always, feel like a million bucks afterwards.

About Your Coach, Lauren

Lauren is a professional fitness coach and dancer based in Berlin and loves moving her body. She believes that fitness should be a celebration of what the body can do and will motivate you to smash your goals.


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