Monday, February 7, 12:00 PM

Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Coached by Markus

HIIT @ Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Monday, February 712:00 PM
Gräfekiez (Indoor)


HIIT is our signature full body workout. You’ll burn fat, tone your body and leave feeling high on endorphins. Get ready for 4 highly effective rounds of 7 varied cardio and strength exercises designed to push you to your limits! Our workouts with shareable equipment allow you to switch stations and complete a circuit using equipment like weights to enhance your workout. We use shareable Equipment. The equipment is disinfected after each class. HYGIENE RULES: As we want to continue working out safely we recommend to: - Disinfect your hands before and after the class - Use a towel

About Your Coach, Markus

Hi! I'm Markus Boonen. My MOTTO: As long as you are moving you win! My PROMISE: I am going to motivate you and ensure you use correct form and proper technique so that you can entirely focus on giving your best. My MOTIVATION: I was participating in group classes for many years and I loved it! The experience of working out with others and having a coach that motivates me - pushes me to my limit. And that’s why I’m passionate about bringing you the same awesome experience! I took the opportunity to learn from the best coaches I know. So here I am in my second year of being a group fitness instructor - ready to ignite your fitness fire!


Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Located in the heart of XBerg, you will find our studio in a quiet backyard. Just cross the driveway until you reach the second backyard, then keep left. Toilets and changing rooms are available. Please bring a towel, sports shoes and a bottle of water. If you have any issue reaching the location, please call our emergency line: +49 30 83798610 or write us at [email protected] We are open: Weekdays: 5.30 - 9am and 6 - 8pm Weekend: 8am - 1pm

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