Friday, February 4, 9:00 AM

Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Coached by Elena

Strength @ Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Friday, February 49:00 AM
Gräfekiez (Indoor)


B81 STRENGTH is the ideal workout to build muscle strength and define your physique. Get ready to conquer 2 rounds of 4 stations, each with 2 exercises targeting opposing muscle groups. Chose your weights right and they will help you tone your muscles while pushing you to your limits! Our coaches will guide you on the correct form to ensure you are getting the maximum burn from the workout. The equipment is disinfected after each class. Please note that you might get less GritPoints than usual during this workout, but you’ll earn extra strength in turn ;-) HYGIENE RULES: As we want to continue working out safely we recommend to: - Disinfect your hands before and after the class - Use a towel

About Your Coach, Elena

Elena is a cheerful motion lover, who’s always in action. Coming from competitive cycling sports she gathered coaching experiences in young years already. Without still standing Elena discovered the greatness of hiit and strength training and became a licensed coach to spread her joy and motivation of fitness. Elena loves to share her sporty spirit as a BEAT81 coach and supports you to get the best out of your training!


Gräfekiez (Indoor)

Located in the heart of XBerg, you will find our studio in a quiet backyard. Just cross the driveway until you reach the second backyard, then keep left. Please DO NOT park your bike in front of the parking spot for cars. Toilets and changing rooms are available. Please bring a towel, sports shoes and a bottle of water. If you have any issue reaching the location please call the emergency line: +493083798610 or write us at [email protected] Our emergency line is open: Weekdays: 5:30 - 9:00

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